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JASAD, (Body in Arabic) is quarterly cultural magazine, unprecedented in the Arabic region and language, specialized in the Body�s arts, sciences and literatures. Founded in 2008, its first issue appeared in December of that same year.

German poet Novalis once wrote that the only real temple in this world is the human body. In fact, JASAD aims to reflect the body in all its representations, symbols and projections in our culture, time and societies, and hopes, by doing so, to contribute in breaking the obscurantist taboos (just like the broken handcuff in its logo wishes to convey), and in providing writers, researchers and artists with the freedom that they rightfully deserve.

JASAD is published in Beirut - Lebanon, in Arabic language, and distributed to readers worldwide through bookshops and/or by rapid courier via a yearly subscription system. The magazine is accepting

subscriptions since November 1st 2008.

JASAD is in color and high quality printing, sized 22 x 28 cm, and consists of different sections and columns, ranging from reportages, testimonies and articles, to essays, translations and creative writings, all covering the fields of cinema, literature, arts, theater, science, etc. And, of course, a wide variety of photos, illustrations and paintings that revolve around the axis of the body. Each issue will feature on its cover, as well as inside, the works of a controversial artist.

The founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine is Lebanese poet and journalist Joumana Haddad.
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