Joumana Haddad (born December 6, 1970, Beirut) is a Lebanese poet, translator and journalist.

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In addition to being the founder and editor-in-chief of JASAD magazine, Joumana Haddad is head of the Cultural page in prestigious "An Nahar" newspaper, as well as the Administrator of the IPAF literary prize (the "Arab Booker").

She has already published several poetry collections, widely acclaimed by critics. Her books have been translated to many languages and published abroad.

She interviewed many international writers, such as Umberto Eco, Paul Auster, Jose Saramago, Doris Lessing, Peter Handke, Elfriede Jelinek, and others.

Speaking seven languages, she has also published several works of translation, and is currently preparing a PHD in languages at the Sorbonne University (Paris 3) under the supervision of Dr Jean Patrick Guillaume.

She has been awarded the Arab Press Prize in 2006.

Joumana Haddad is member of the Book and Reading committee in the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.

She is also a collage artist.


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Bibliography in Arabic:

* Time for a dream, poetry, (1995)
* Invitation to a secret feast, poetry, (1998)
* Two hands to the abyss, poetry, (2000)
* I did not sin enough, selected poems, (2003)
* Lilith's Return, poetry, (2004)
* The panther hidden at the base of her shoulders, selected poems, (2006)
* In the company of the fire thieves, Conversations with international writers, (2006)
* Death will come and it will have your eyes, Anthology of 150 poets who committed suicide, (2007)
* Bad habits, selected poems, (2007)
* Mirrors of the passers by, poetry, (2007)


Bibliography in other languages:

* Damit ich abreisen kann, 2005, Lisan Verlag, Basel, Switzerland.
* Cuando me hice fruta, 2006, Monte Ávila Editores, Caracas, Venezuela.
* El retorno de Lilith, 2007, Editorial Praxis, Mexico, Mexico.
* Le retour de Lilith, 2007, Editions Inventaire, Paris, France.
* Die ruckkehr von Lilith, 2008, Hans Schiler Verlag, Berlin, Germany.
* Invitation to a Secret Feast, 2008, Tupelo Press, Vermont, USA.
* Madinah, city stories from the Middle East, 2008, Comma Press, Manchester, UK.
* Adrenalina, 2009, Edizioni del Leone, Venice, Italy.


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